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The work I get paid to do is nearly always digital. Continuing to play with print in my own time and on my own terms is extremely rewarding. Tiny Books often start with messages I write and receive amidst infinitely endless scrolls of words and media. Sometimes, these texts feel especially worthy of being turned into a thing-that-can-be-held for the beauty and meaningfulness they lend my life.
    I adore making itty-bitty items that bruise easily. It feels like asking my teeny-weeny-story-readers to care for and cherish what they hold...to practice the art of love.
   — Hector Pahaut

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Das Kapital Artist Talks, Berlin        →
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Lost No More @ Berlin Graphic Days #13  →
DIY zine Fair
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           Year 0
       00   never alone
       00   promised gems
       00   train people
       00   learning intimacy

           Year 1
APR —— 01   blessings for one beyond my grasp
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
       02   devotion
JUN —— 03   i have a need i need a friend         →
                w Eva Salman
       04   the map is not the territory          →
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
       05   nein months
JUL —— 06   morning mouth
OCT —— 07   i like how you like and tell me
       08   cycling the extra mile
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
NOV —— 09   unsupported
       10   on so, a so so
       11   home
       12   almost normal again
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
DEC —— 13   tines gedichtbüchlein
                w Anna Kirstein
       14   in between
                w Jemma Middleton
       15   chocolate milk and complicated cutie pies
                w Jemma Middleton
       16   über die mitte
                w Bärbel Jenner & Anne-Lorraine Selke
       17   nebel
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
       18   leftrightleftrightleft

             Year 2
JAN —— 19   you can only belong as yourself
       20   dumpling
       21   through the fog
       22   your skinny girlfriend won’t make you worthy
                the above 4 w Anne-Lorraine Selke
       23   precipice
       24   as she loves to remind me
                w Max Stossel
       25   berlin
MAR —— 26   grow
       27   yours to do
       28   shower you with
       29   i notice these moments when we are in different spaces and like them more tomorrow than now. i will feel more gentle tomorrow and praise you with my pride.
       30   stay close to yourself if it is what you want
MAY —— 31   in the city that doesn’t hug back, good people matter
JUN —— 32   L,
       33   getting lost — a very late gift
                w Anne-Lorraine Selke
SEP —— 34   grand and easy

             Year 3
MAR —— 35   pandemic         →
SEP —— 36   normal... to me

WIP —— XX   Blink
       XX   letter to a young hufflepuff
       XX   often, when you share your words with me, I feel
       XX   is it fruit or is it us
       XX   like having parents who love you
       XX   shift until I tell you
       XX   painting people
       XX   big images, small movements
       XX   you make sense of the devil (lies x endure)
       XX   1901 notes
       XX   from never to now
       XX   punishment
       XX   grinberg
       XX   haiku’s
       XX   dolls


‘I don’t encourage my work toward permanence. The materials I use—tape, cardboard, copy paper, pencil, wax—practically beg to disintegrate. If pieces flutter off, what remains means more to me. It can come apart. It ages. It is more alive than a digital file, whose permanence and fidelity have no precedence in our organic, decaying, wonderful world.’
    Martin Venezky


are made by
    Hector Pahaut
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I’ve felt joy in making these with these beautiful people:    
    Charlotte Besuyen
    Bärbel Jenner          →
    Anna Kirstein
    Albert Kong            →
    Kit Kuksenok           →
    Mathilde Mensink
    Jemma Middleton
    Romee van Oers         →
    Eva Salman             →
    Anne-Lorraine Selke
    Max Stossel            →
    Neal Woodcock          →

From Berlin,
    with a hug